Data Center

DC1 Data Center is the company's own Tier III data center. We are very proud of it. It is fully optimized for high-quality hosting services, VDS/VPS and dedicated servers.

  10 communication channels to leading operators and traffic exchange networks

Our data center is under Anti-DDoS protection

Protection against DDoS-attacks is implemented on the basis of high-performance anti-DDoS system of Arbor Networks, deployed in network of our partners. The system analyzes the traffic and makes "typical" profile. In the event of an attack, only legitimate traffic of real users is allowed to client resources.

The longer collects data on "typical" customer traffic profile, the more effective the subsequent protection against DDoS-attacks.

Compliance with all modern fail-safety requirements

  Fiber-optic network

  • Its own fiber-optic network based on 10G technology
  • Total bandwidth of external channels: 180 Gbps
  • Total bandwidth of channels to M9: 160 Gbps
  • 2 independent fiber-optic cable entries in the Data Center building, laid in two different routes to MMTS-9.


  • Backbone network: 10G Cisco switches
  • Main router: Juniper MX-960, optimized for traffic of up to 10 Tbps
  • Aggregating switches: Huawei, support connection of up to 40G per rack

Uninterrupted power supply

  • Power delivered: 2 MW
  • Independent city power supply lines: 2
  • Uninterrupted power supply units: 6
  • UPS connection scheme: N+2
  • Battery reserve: 15 minutes under full load of the Data Center

Backup power supply

  • Diesel generator sets: 2
  • DG set manufacturer: F.G. Wilson
  • Engine manufacturer: Perkins
  • Aggregate capacity 2.4 MW
  • Reservoir capacity: 6 tons (18 hours of operation)
  • All-weather thermal containers: Yes

Air-conditioning system

  • Precision air conditioners: 20
  • Manufacturer: Eistorm, HiRef
  • Connection scheme: N+2


  • Automated gas suppression system
  • Video surveillance system inside and outside the building
  • The Data Center is located in the private guarded territory of IQ-Park Business Center in Moscow